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Estonian Seltzer Company GT 5,5%vol 33cl CAN

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Hard Seltzer "Gin&Tonic"

Attention, this is not beer! What interesting drink is that? As the name suggests, we were inspired by Gin Tonic. However, not a drop of gin or tonic has been used here. It is a naturally fermented alcoholic beverage with a pile of different herbs. GT is Hard Seltzer, alcoholic drink, made by fermenting cane sugar.

GT is very light in colour, allmost watery. The herbs used for seasoning give a slight yellowish-green tinge. Head appears only briefly. Aroma is herbal, distinguished from juniper and citrus peel essential oils.

The taste is crisp and bitter. Juniper and sour-bitter first taste from quinine, with the addition of fresh basil and citrus.

GT is a thirst-quenching light-bodied refreshing drink, which suits perfectlhy as an aperitif.