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Lehe Bilberry Blues 10%vol 33cl

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Fruited Imperial Saison

Bilberry Blues - a moment in the pure nature of Estonia, middle of the Bilberry forest and music


Strong saison, brewed with Estonian organic forest bilberries, is cloudy purpur coloured beer with nice small pinkish head.

First nose is really winey and fruity, freshly picked bilberries, backgrounded with earthy, herbal notes. 

First taste is really fruity and juicy sweet bilberry explosion in mouth, balanced with spicy, peppery saison notes. Dry, slightly tannic, bilberry seeds and stalks in aftertaste. Taste is nicely balanced and backgrounded with alcoholy warmth.


Perfect to enjoy in Estonian dark autumn weather, Bilberry Blues reminds our warm summer. Works really well with pork in a bilberry marinade, but aswell with nice cheeseplate.