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Lehe Doomino Effekt 7,5%vol 37,5cl

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Sour Red Ale

Sour red ale fermented with house blend solera process.


Solera process, the Ouroboros of the beer making. Neverending fermentation where once a year we take away half of matured beer, add fresh beer and let nature take its course.

One day, almost 2 years ago, we discovered that one forgotten pilot brew has developed beautiful pellicle. We threw in a bunch of Brettanomyces strains, and we got house mix that keeps producing lovely red sours. We used it to start our own endless fermentation process.

Experience: The dark orange beer with red hue is filling the glass. The beige head will shrink quickly into a thin layer that clings to the walls of the glass and leaves creative lacing as you dring.

In the aroma wild stoned fruits are dominating, cherry plum and damson. More like cherry plum as there is also a whiff of firm acidity in the aroma.