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Lehe Juulik 4,7%vol 33cl CAN

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Bright golden clear beer, with nicely lasting white head.

First nose is sweet, grainy, hay, summery. Baked goods and bready yeast in background. 

First taste is crisp and grainy. Malty sweetness is perfectly balanced with mild hoppy bitterness. Salty crackers and nutty flavours in middle taste. Sweet honey in aftertaste.

Juulik is light bodied, easily drinkable Pilsner, which suits perfectly to sauna, summery barbecue party and also, of course, for Terminaator concert. We also recommend to try Juulik with pan-fried pike-perch. 

Juulik is perfect thirst-quencher when served on 4-5C degrees. However, in order to drink with food, we recommend to drink it on slightly warmer temperatures, then more fruity and nutty flavors will emerge.