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Lehe Must Siid 6,5%vol 33cl

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Wheat Porter

Wheat porter, smooth and sensual, caresses your senses.


Black as night, smooth as silk. Tempting like black silk in the night.

Experience: Black beer and light brown foam. Morning coffee in the aroma. First one, with the generous spoonful of sugar and fresh cream. The excitement of the new day. Exotic fruits. Fleeing and unframable fragrance of forest flowers.

Smooth and silky sip will mix five different wheat malts. Coffee? You bet? Biscuits? Certainly. Coffee biscuits! With a sip of hot cocoa brewed with full milk. Lovely. At the end of the sip, wheat will show it's sour side. 

In the aftertaste, there are roasted hazelnuts what are slowly getting mixed with hop bitterness.