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St. Laurent Vieux Gin 47%vol 70cl

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Each month, a tiny part of our St. Laurent Gin production is transferred to ex-whisky casks. Thus, after resting for more than a year in oak barrels, our famous Gin infused with laminaria seaweed becomes St. Laurent Gin Vieux.

The distinctive aromas of St. Laurent Gin are rediscovered in a whole new light: herbaceous and floral notes interspersed with pine aromas reminiscent of Quebec's boreal forest. Rather discreet in the original version, citrus aromas now explode in the mouth. The finish stays true to St. Laurent Gin’s signature: a slight marine saltiness thanks to the maceration of laminaria seaweed harvested in the St. Lawrence River. Time then leave its mark: grain and woody notes brought by the ex-whisky barrel-ageing enrich the aromatic complexity of the liquid. St. Laurent Gin Vieux is a stunning sipping gin that only occasionally consents to ice cubes as sole companions.