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The Barn Instant Coffee BOA VISTA (Brazil) 5x4,5g

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Origin: Sao Pulo, Brazil

With our speciality Instant Coffee we found a great way of combining convenience and quality - all in a sustainable way. Produced in small batches with compostable packaging, you are skipping waste-driven capsules. All you need is hot water and a cup. Perfect for travel on airlines or trains, in your hotel room or even in the great outdoors. 

Brew guide: we recommend brewing at a temperature close to 80ºC. That keeps all its delicate flavours intact - plus you can enjoy your coffee immediately at drinking temperature.
Each sacket can be used for either 2 small cups or on large mug. Pure your coffee powder into your cup first, then pour water over it and stir. We recommend enyoing your Instant Coffee within a couple of hours after opening the sacket.